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Our Software

  • We host your data and digital assets on our secure servers—all data and assets are yours in perpetuity.

  • You are in complete control of your data and digital assets through our intuitive user interface.​

  • You can create unlimited users and control their access to what data they can edit or even access, in order to help with your workflow.

  • We will train your staff, interns, and anyone else who will be using the software, via live remote tutorials.

  • With our easy-to-use interface and user prompts—you should have no problem leveraging the online tools to make your database the best it can be.

  • For all content, we provide a published approximation of the content for easy editing.

  • You can export single records or groups of records in both word and excel formats so that you can continuously edit / review and even share content.

  • From unique works, to edition works, to works with multiple components and sketchbooks—we have created a way for you to make this database work for you.

  • We provide multiple ways to connect and link various records together, so that there is no end to how rich of a record you can create.

  • There is no limit the number of digital assets (from images, to pdfs, to any other documents) you can attach to a record. However, we are not the place for your print-ready images and we do limit the individual file-size to 5MB (images) and 15MB (PDFs). Note: we do not support video file, you can use a third-party platform and attach it as a link.

  • Based on our user’s feedback—we are continually adding new features and options, in order to make your cataloging experience the best it can be. These features will always be available to you as soon as updates go live.

  • If you need to manage inventory for some works, we provide an inventory module which we can turn on—which allows you to keep availability, location details and more.

  • For a small additional annual fee—we can turn on the archives and/or correspondence module, in order to add even more depth to your catalogue.

  • If you have worked with us to publish a website—all content for the website is dynamically pulled from your database, managed and updated by you, using the panOpticon software. Note: the panOpticon software alone is not a website—this is an additional service we provide.

Our Platform

  • Our platform is operated on top of our servers (which we control), which are hosted in the Cloud.

  • We have a server team who manages and monitors these servers with real time information about traffic and down-time.

  • We have set up multiple servers providing high availability (“redundancy”) to make sure, if a server ever goes down, that your hosted catalog stays online.

  • We maintain active backups of all databases, images, and other uploaded files so your data is protected. Upon request we can restore data that was inadvertently deleted on your end, and we can roll-back data at a moment’s notice.

  • We can deploy all updates and bug-fixes to all clients as soon as they are available, automatically.

  • We provide free updates to newer versions of our catalogue software for as long as you are hosted with us, which means that you receive upgraded features as they become available without paying for another license.

  • We have configured our hosted catalogue to run in a secure environment, with secure servers and secure software, and regularly review and upgrade our infrastructure to increase the security and protection around each catalogue and your hosted data and uploads.

  • We provide free SSL web server certificates for secure catalogue web access for all hosted CRs, which ensures all web access to your data is done securely.

Product Details.
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